The third-generation of the Seat Leon is lighter and more economical than the car it replaces.

The five-door hatchback is based on the Volkswagen Group’s new MBQ platform. This means it also shares engines and equipment with other models in the group.

In fact, the new Leon shares 55% of its components with the new VW Golf and Audi A3.

As we do with all our rolling road remaps, we ran the car for a health check before writing the custom ecu remap file. The car was then run again to record the final bhp and torque figure.

The owner of 105bhp Seat Leon had never had a car remapped before and didn’t think that he would feel the difference. Well that was until he went out for the test drive 😀

BIG smiles on his return 😜

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Subaru introduced the “New Age” Impreza to Japan in August 2000. The WRX models featured a 2.0-litre turbocharged boxer engine until 2005, after which they switched to the 2.5-litre turbocharged engine.

This Subaru Impreza WRX had been treated to a new exhaust and been fully serviced before coming down to ADE Tuning. As a standard car this Subaru would make 214bhp.

With the live custom remap written and adjusted whilst the car is driven with our tuner in the passenger seat. It is important to ensure optimum AFR is achieved in order to ensure that stoichiometric mixture. This in basic terms means that the engine isn’t running lean or rich fuel mixture.

Another important factor to monitor is engine knock when developing a good and most importantly a safe tune. Knocking or detonation occurs when unburnt fuel in the combustion chamber explodes rather than a burning in a controlled manner.

It is important that correct boost pressure control is achieved to ensure that no spikes or dips occur to ensure maintained life of the turbocharger.

With all these factors taken in to account and with our tuner happy with how the car performs and drives we took the car over to the four wheel driven rolling road. ADE Tuning only have a two wheel driven rolling road onsite so hire a local four wheel driven one.

With the Subaru Impreza WRX strapped to the rolling road we find the final power figure of the live road remap.

The live road map increased to power to 292bhp 😊

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Ford Mondeo ST TDCi – Our First Remap of 2018

The owner of the Mondeo had booked in for a remap last year and he wanted to improve the mid-range driveabilty and fuel consumption with the obvious increase in power.

He had previously owned cars that we had remapped and knew that he would get a before and after rolling road figure.

As with most of our customers, the car had been fitted with a larger inter-cooler and stainless de-cat exhaust system.

As with all our custom remaps, we ran the car on the rolling road beforehand. The Ford Mondeo made 157bhp on the pre-remap run, which is a great result for an eleven year old car.

The remap increased that power to 197bhp with 358ft/lb torque 😉

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Rolling Road Remap on a Seat Leon FR 140

In the workshop for a rolling road remap, this 2012 Seat Leon FR 140. A daily driver where the owner had become accustomed to power. After speaking with us about how we could improve the performance, we recommended a rolling road remap. Not only would the custom remap increase the power but it would improve the fuel economy.

With the car booked in we ran it on the rolling road to establish what power and torque it was already producing. On this model the bhp expected is 140bhp but this car was slightly down on power but it wasn’t a worrying amount and the customer was happy for us to continue with the remap.

The custom remap was written and the car was run on the rolling road to get the final power figure.

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This is what some of our customers have said

Modified VW Polo TDI Custom Remap

Volkswagen Polo Custom Remap

vw polo custom remap ade tuning

We where contacted a couple of weeks ago by our customer who was interested in ADE Tuning custom remapping his VW Polo after he had fitted a few modifications to it. The VW Polo before the conversion would have been running around 100bhp. As with all our custom remaps we dyno the car to find out what power it is making before we work our magic. Obviously this car came with the modifications already fitted and made a respectable 128bhp. Also by running the car before on the dyno we can spot any potential problems before remapping. We won’t remap a car unless it is running 100% as the underlying issue will can’t be cured by a remap, it will only hide the issue until a later date.


Looking at the car when it arrived you can tell it is his pride and joy and he even told me that he had got up early to wash his car in the rain before making his hour drive to get to us. As I have already mentioned the owner had already fitted a few modifications ready for the custom remap to be written for the car. These are:
– GT1749vc Hybrid Turbo
– PD150 Injectors
– Airtec Front Mounted Intercooler
– Decat Exhaust System
– K&N Filter
– Darkside EGR Delete Pipe

Custom Remap Time

With the customer sitting in our viewing area he could see both his car being custom remapped and the dyno results on our big screen. As he sat their watching the power increase, run by run as the custom remap was adjusted I could the smile on his face getting bigger and bigger.

vw polo custom remap ade tuning Before

VW POLO JUNE2015 After

Kind words from the customer

It’s still putting a smile on my face can’t thank you enough for the customer service and friendly staff, I have already recommended you to my mates and hopefully I’ll be back in the future.