Uprated clutch and flywheel supplied and fitted by ADE Tuning


An uprated clutch and flywheel was installed to this street sleeper of a VW Corrado. The Corrado was originally a 2.9 VR6 engine beast before the owner decided on a engine conversion. He fitted the R32 engine from a VW Golf but kept the standard clutch/ gearbox set up.

With the car on the ramp we set about removing the old clutch and flywheel so we could check to see what set up would best suit the car and power. The owner of the car didn’t want anything to aggressive and wanted a smooth drive. So we supplied an organic clutch kit with a lightened VR6 flywheel.

With the clutch kit fitted back in the car, we carefully ran the car through all the gears. With all gears being selected easily the rest of the car was built back up before going out for a test drive.

With the car no longer having a slipping clutch the uprated clutch had done its job.


Are you interested in uprating your clutch set up?

Performance clutch kit for Skoda Fabia VRS

Skoda Fabia VRs gets a performance clutch kit

You will have seen this car before on our Facebook and Instagram page when it came in for a Milltek decat exhaust system and custom remap.

More than 32 years of continuous exhaust development and technical expertise are drawn upon to develop the ultimate Milltek Sport range of performance products, offering an ever-expanding comprehensive selection of performance exhausts which build on the successes of key marques like Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche, BMW and Nissan.

This has placed Milltek Sport at the forefront of tuning companies and owners ‘must have’ list. Milltek

Milltek Sport exhausts are produced in high quality type-304 aircraft grade stainless steel. This material is anti-magnetic (other manufacturers’ stainless steel may not be) and is less susceptible to discolouration. This quality of stainless steel is used on all pipework and the total construction of the silencer. Mandrel bending ensures full flow bends for better gas flow and Milltek systems are increased in bore to ensure ultimate performance without the loss of mid-range torque.

After a few months the owner had decided to install a front mounted intercooler and brought the car back to have the custom remap tweaked to suit.
skoda fabia vrs performance clutch kit ade tuning

Performance Clutch Kit

Having the original clutch in front the factory it eventually started to slip meaning one thing… new clutch time. But instead of fitting a standard clutch the customer decided to treat his car to the clutch it deserves. An uprated performance clutch kit 🙂
skoda fabia vrs performance clutch kit ade tuning

skoda fabia vrs performance clutch kit ade tuning

Only 500 boring miles to bed the clutch in 😉 All performance clutch kits require a break in period of at least 500 miles of stop start driving. Motorway / freeway driving does not count! Until you have covered this period full engine power should not be applied as this bedding in period needs to occur to fully allow the drive plate to seat with cover plate and flywheel surfaces.

Isle of Man Manx Rally

Manx Rally

Last weekend Chris caught the ferry over to the Isle of Man to do some on the spot servicing for Nigel Worswick who was competing in the Isle of Man Manx Rally.
Nigel Worswick ADE Tuning

Shakedown was the only session when the car behaved as it should. Nigel went out for the first stages in the pouring rain, when he came into the first service he said the clutch pedal had gone to the floor and not come back up! It turned out that the clutch slave cylinder had given up 🙁

Nigel Worswick ADE Tuning

With the limited time the team had, they could only bleed it up and would fix it at the end of play on Friday.

Nigel Worswick ADE Tuning

After a 1am finish they returned on Saturday morning at 8am with the car washed and ready to go.

Into the 2nd service and Nigel told the team the car had several issues including a slipping clutch, no rear brakes and them only had 35 minutes to repair them all. After a chaotic 35 minute fixing session they managed to get the car rally ready again only for them to hear only an hour later that the head gasket had gone 🙁

Nigel Worswick ADE Tuning

So sadly that was the rally over for the team. Not the best way to finish a rally but that’s Motorsport!

Good luck to Nigel, who is flying over to Barbados at the end of this month, in his next rally!

Fiat Uno Turbo

The Fiat Uno was a supermini car produced by the Italian manufacturer Fiat.

The Uno was launched in 1983 and built in its homeland until 1995, with production still taking place in other countries for some years, with the final Uno built in Brazil in 2013.
Fiat Uno turbo ADE Tuning

The Uno was launched in January 1983 to replace the ageing Fiat 127, which itself had revolutionized the supermini market on its launch more than 10 years earlier. Designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro’s ItalDesign company, its tall, square body utilising a Kamm tail achieved a low drag coefficient of 0.34 won it much praise for airy interior space and fuel economy. Its tall car / high seating packaging is imitated by every small car today. It reversed the trend for lower and lower built cars. It showed that not just low sleek cars could be aerodynamic, but small, roomy, boxy well packaged cars could be too.

United Kingdom sales began in June 1983, with more than 20,000 being sold in its first full year on sale and peaking at more than 40,000 sales in 1988.

In April 1985 the hot hatch version of the first series Uno – the Uno Turbo i.e. – was launched as a 3-door only derivative. Despite marketing claims that it was fitted with an engine “specifically developed for turbocharging” the Turbo i.e. model actually used a Ritmo/Strada-derived 1.3 146-series engine with Bosch multi-point fuel injection.

The Turbo i.e. offered significant performance improvement over standard Uno models and was capable of reaching 124 mph, thanks in part to the car’s low 845 kg weight. Reliability was improved due to the reduction in maximum turbo boost pressure for mass-production from 1.0 to 0.6 bar but conversely, it allowed tuners to modify the engine relatively easily to run 1.0bar boost pressure for even greater performance without significantly compromising reliability.

Externally, the Turbo i.e. model sported black plastic sill trims and arch extensions, plus a revised front bumper with fog lamps and inlets/scoops to direct air to the oil cooler and intercooler. Decals were added along the side of the car, initially as “T U R B O” in large outline letters but then later in stripe form with “Turbo i.e.” cut into the rear-quarter section and complimentary stripes across the tailgate. This also deviated from the pressed steel tailgate fitted on non-turbo models as it was manufactured from fibreglass and incorporated a high-level spoiler to improve looks and aerodynamic performance. All body glass benefited from a very light green tint.

Suspension was lowered and uprated, 13″ alloy wheels with Pirelli P6 tyres were fitted and the brakes upgraded to vented discs on the front and solid discs on the rear to replace the drum units of the non-turbo models.

Interior equipment was upgraded in the Turbo i.e. model with ‘sports’ seats, plush red carpet and an extended centre-console. Later models had red seatbelts in place of earlier black versions.

Performance clutch

performance clutch ade tuning

The Fiat Uno Turbo you see in our pictures came into the workshop to have a new performance clutch fitted. After the clutch was fitted the owner wanted the car to go on the rolling road for a bit of dyno time to check the car was running as it should.

fiat uno turbo dyno timefiat uno turbo ade tuning

The car was put on the dyno and given a power run to find out how much power it was producing and the results was an extremely acceptable 129bhp, but we knew with a bit of a tweak we could get a little more horse power out of the old gal 😉 A bit of a tweak later and a clean bill of health was given to the 25 year old car along with a few more horses.

Fiat Uno Turbo ADE Tuning

This Fiat Uno Turbo is an amazing example of a classic car and the owner should be extremely proud to drive it. For the few days that it has been at the workshop numerous people have commented on how clean and tidy it looks and how you hardly ever see them on the roads any more.


ADE Tuning are now offering Performance Clutch Kits, custom manufactured to our specification. Available for most vehicles . . . ROAD, RALLY, RACE and DRAG . . . Just ask!

photo 2 (4)

Eg. VW Golf GTi 1.8T

ADE TUNING performance clutch kits

As used in our 400 BHP VW MK1 Golf 1.8T Berg Cup car. O2A/O2J Race spec clutch kit with a heavy duty 380 lb/ft pressure plate and ceramic 6 paddle clutch drive plate.

Performance clutch kits available for all make and models up to 1000 BHP including

Organic –

Organic Clutches tend to be used more for standard driving conditions as they provide long life and smooth engagement. Organic refers to the materials that the clutch disc is made from; that is metal fibre interwoven with organic materials.

Organic clutches are suited to a range of driving conditions, and perform well in city traffic.

Ceramic –

Ceramic clutches can absorb more heat than organic ones, thus making them better suited to high performance applications. You will find that the price of a ceramic clutch is reflected in fact that they specifically for high performance driving.

Ceramic clutches will wear much faster if you ride the clutch, and can experience some shudder or chatter on engagement.

Keeping in mind also, that a ceramic clutch is quite savage on both its meeting components, the flywheel & pressure plate.

Kevlar –

The next stage up from an organic friction material is one that uses chopped Kevlar fibres. Kevlar offers good burst strength and wearing characteristics but has a relatively low coefficient of friction. That makes for smooth engagement characteristics but requires the use of very high clamping pressures to provide sufficient friction to prevent slippage.

Kevlar provides far greater temperature resistance than organic clutches, and much lower wear rates, but it can still be ‘burnt out’ if subjected to excess heat. This is because the friction material does not return to its original state after exposure to high temperatures, greatly reducing its frictional properties.

Along with twin and triple plate clutches.

We also offer single mass flywheels and solid mass flywheel conversions.

FROM £299