Having owned his SEAT Leon FR for nearly three years, Ash was contemplating buying a newer car or a custom remap. He had no issues with his car and had been looking to buy a new car but was stuck what to buy. This was when a friend suggested a remap. The remap would not only increase the power of the car but the delivery of the power. So Ash did a quick Goggle search and ADE Tuning appeared on the first page.

After a phone call chat to discus what we could do for him and his car, he made the decision of a remap. Later that day he booked his SEAT Leon FR in for a custom remap.


The day of the remap arrived and Ash dropped the car off and filled out a remap disclaimer. Unfortunately Ash had to work that day so left his SEAT Leon FR in our capable hands. As with all our remaps we ran the car on the rolling to for a health check and also to see what power the car was already making. On the odd occasion we have run a car and found that it is quite down on power. If this was to happen we wouldn’t be happy mapping the car until the issue was fixed, a remap would just mask the issue not fix it.

Luckily for Ash his car was pulling a very healthy 156 bhp so the remapping process began. Here at ADE Tuning we don’t download files off the internet, we write our own. With an ecu file written we ran the car again to check how the car behaved. Sometimes we have to write more than one ecu file as each car can react differently to the information given. You have to remember that not all cars are driven or serviced the same and this can affect how the car reacts. Once we where happy with how the car performed and the power it had produced we took it out for a test drive on the road. The car now had better throttle response and the drivability through the gears had greatly improved.


Ash took his car out for a test drive and immediately noticed how much more responsive the throttle pedal was. Once we got out on to the motorway he commented on how the car pulled better through the gears. And how normally he would have to change down a gear to overtake but the car now just kept pulling. When we got back to the workshop he told us how pleased he was with the car and the results šŸ™‚

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The third-generation of the Seat Leon is lighter and more economical than the car it replaces.

The five-door hatchback is based on the Volkswagen Groupā€™s new MBQ platform. This means it also shares engines and equipment with other models in the group.

In fact, the new Leon shares 55% of its components with the new VW Golf and Audi A3.

As we do with all our rolling road remaps, we ran the car for a health check before writing the custom ecu remap file. The car was then run again to record the final bhp and torque figure.

The owner of 105bhp Seat Leon had never had a car remapped before and didn’t think that he would feel the difference. Well that was until he went out for the test driveĀ 😀

BIG smiles on his return 😜

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This Skoda Fabia 1.9 tdi took advantage of the ADE Tuning Black Friday offer.

Great power gains can be achieved with a tdi remap.

On the rolling road after taking advantage of the ADE Tuning Black Friday Remap Deal, this Skoda fabia mk2. This 1.9 tdi engine made stand power on the pre-remap rolling road session, the custom remap took the 105bhp Å KODA up to 146bhp with 290ft/lb torque 👍

The 1.9 tdi was a limited production car in the MK2 Skoda Fabia. It left the factory without a dpf which makes it an ideal candidate for remapping.

The diesel 1.9 Skoda Fabia not only goes quicker now but will drive better through the gears and when driven in a “sensible” manner the mpg will improve with the tdi remap. Which in this economic climate, along with the ever changing cost of diesel can only be a winner.

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Seat Leon Custom Remap

Custom remap on a Seat Leon FR TSi

Seat Leon Remap
If you attended the Unphased Rolling Road day last year you would have been lucky enough to see this Seat Leon FR TechnologyĀ TSi on the dyno. The Leon when it came on that Sunday was running with a tuning box and the car produced a respectable 210bhp BUT the customer wanted more and after speaking to Anthony he booked the Seat Leon in for a custom remap.
remap seat leon fr tsi

Dyno time

A Seat Leon on leaving the factory to go to the main dealers forecourt would have 180bhp and by adding the tuning box the bhp was brought up to 210. This made it aĀ keen car around town but ADE Tuning knew we could do better than “keen” šŸ˜‰

We were asked by the customer to fit a few bits and this brought the car up to stage two modifications and then it went on the dyno.

As with all our custom remaps, the cars before remapĀ power was found and the power it produced with the stage two modificationsĀ was 193bhp. We always dyno the cars to find the standard power because unlike some other “tuning” companies we like to show you where your power and torque hasĀ come from.

Seat Leon custom remap time

So the Seat Leon is on the dyno, it’s now time to write the custom remap. Each custom remapĀ is written solely for that individual car and we take in to account the fuelling, timing and boost which allows us to get the safest amount of power out of the car.

The results

Seat Leon remap ade tuning

That’s a power gain of 70bhp and 100ft/lb torque, it’sĀ no wonder the customer was grinning like a Cheshire cat when he came back in from the test drive šŸ˜‰

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