ADE Tuning are now offering Performance Clutch Kits, custom manufactured to our specification. Available for most vehicles . . . ROAD, RALLY, RACE and DRAG . . . Just ask!

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Eg. VW Golf GTi 1.8T

ADE TUNING performance clutch kits

As used in our 400 BHP VW MK1 Golf 1.8T Berg Cup car. O2A/O2J Race spec clutch kit with a heavy duty 380 lb/ft pressure plate and ceramic 6 paddle clutch drive plate.

Performance clutch kits available for all make and models up to 1000 BHP including

Organic –

Organic Clutches tend to be used more for standard driving conditions as they provide long life and smooth engagement. Organic refers to the materials that the clutch disc is made from; that is metal fibre interwoven with organic materials.

Organic clutches are suited to a range of driving conditions, and perform well in city traffic.

Ceramic –

Ceramic clutches can absorb more heat than organic ones, thus making them better suited to high performance applications. You will find that the price of a ceramic clutch is reflected in fact that they specifically for high performance driving.

Ceramic clutches will wear much faster if you ride the clutch, and can experience some shudder or chatter on engagement.

Keeping in mind also, that a ceramic clutch is quite savage on both its meeting components, the flywheel & pressure plate.

Kevlar –

The next stage up from an organic friction material is one that uses chopped Kevlar fibres. Kevlar offers good burst strength and wearing characteristics but has a relatively low coefficient of friction. That makes for smooth engagement characteristics but requires the use of very high clamping pressures to provide sufficient friction to prevent slippage.

Kevlar provides far greater temperature resistance than organic clutches, and much lower wear rates, but it can still be ‘burnt out’ if subjected to excess heat. This is because the friction material does not return to its original state after exposure to high temperatures, greatly reducing its frictional properties.

Along with twin and triple plate clutches.

We also offer single mass flywheels and solid mass flywheel conversions.

FROM £299