This weekend saw us head down to Santa Pod Raceway for VW Action. We convoyed down with Jordy and his 750bhp+ VW Polo. Although the journey took longer than expected we arrived at Santa Pod Raceway and drove straight through to the pits.

The campsites and pits where already full of air cooled and water cooled Vdubs. It was quite a sight to see 🙂

There is no racing on the Friday so this gave us time to give the VW Polo a last check over before we went for a walk around the pits to see the competition. VW Action gets a lot of cars attending from Europe, with 1200bhp VW Polo parked up next to a 360bhp VW Beetle, it really is a mix of power.

Friday night consisted of BBQ-ing before we headed down to Fuelers Bar to check out the live music. After a bit of a dance we headed back to the pits for an early night, as tomorrow we where drag racing.


Throughout Saturday the cars headed down the strip to see if they could make some new PB’s. We saw and felt the jet car which did a 5.37 @281mph!!!

Any water cooled car that came in under 14 seconds on the strip could enter the night races. The air cooled was under 18 seconds. The strip closed at 4pm in preparation for the night racers.

With the cars lined up they began to head down the strip and on the last run for the night Jordy had a mishap. His rear calliper became stuck, breaking off and getting wedged in the wheel. This locked the car up and sent him into the wall. Luckily he had past the finish line and was only travelling at 40mph. His safety gear did the trick and he walked away scratch free, where as the front of his car will need some tlc.

GTi International 2017 – Rockingham Motor Speedway

GTi International 2017 – New venue with sprint and track

Last week saw a few us head down the M6 to Rockingham Motor Speedway for GTi International. This is the first time that the show has been held at this venue and I was really excited to see how the weekend was going to pan out.

The journey down to Rockingham was slow thanks to building of the “smart” motorway, but the view wasn’t to bad 😉

Rockingham was originally built for NASCAR racing but NASCAR pulled out of the UK so the venue was used for other motorsport events. GTi International is renowned for the quarter mile sprint but sadly Rockingham being an oval was able to make a quarter mile strip so they gave us an eighth of a mile strip and they opened the track. BEST OF BOTH WORLDS 🙂

Saturday saw Paul Jordan in the ADE Tuning mapped 740bhp VW Polo go down the strip achieving a 0-60 in 2.50 seconds (and that was with a lot of wheel spin). This was his best time of the weekend and he won a trophy fastest 0 – 60 on the Saturday and a trophy for coming first in his class.

Whilst Jordy was on the sprint we took the Golf R out on track.

With road legal semi slicks fitted and uprated front brake pads, the Golf performed really well.

There was some really tasty cars out on the track and ADE Tuning customer and friend Nathan (oak green MK2 Golf with 20v) even had a go round the track. But with the track being extremely quick and his car not having a rollcage, he retired from the session and headed back to the sprint.

Nathan brought home 2 trophies from the weekend at Gti International 2017 and Jordy won another one on the Sunday.

The show was set up so all the action could be seen from inside the oval which you had to enter via one of the tunnels that goes under the track.

There where plenty of traders along with food stalls and the show and shine was held inside the track.

A couple of clean looking cars I got some pics of…

On the Sunday we took the Golf R down the sprint and got a 0 – 60 in 3.35 seconds 🙂 which we didn’t think was too shabby.

After a fun filled weekend of racing cars, watching cars race, admiring cars and BBQ-ing we pack up and headed home. The journey back was way better and we got to see loads of different cars on the motorway. There was the Ford fair on down at Santa Pod, so we passed a few old and new Fords along with loads of 2CV’s.

The team at GTi International gave us a cracking weekend in a new venue and yes there where some teething problems but i’m sure next years show will only be better 🙂

GTi International 2016 – Drag Car ‘v’ Shed


GTi International 2016

ade tuning, vwdrc, remaps, vw, drag race

This year at GTi International 2016 was the first time that the ADE Tuning mapped VW Scirocco driven by Paul Jordan went head to head against a shed!

Yes you read that right a shed!

A shed built around a 2.8 v6 VW Passat, the fastest it had been down the strip previously had been 18.5 seconds

Giving the shed at 8.5 second lead, it seemed like an eternity as Paul waited for the lights to turn green. As soon as they did the Scirocco sped off down the quarter mile strip and was very quickly passing the shed. As the Scirocco crossed the finish line you kind of felt sorry for Nick in the Shed. But for a Shed to be able to do quater mile as fast as it did was fun to see. Watch the footage below…

Next time Nick you might want to take the lawn mower out of the back.

GTi International 2015

GTi International at Shakespeare County Raceway

This year a few of us from ADE Tuning headed down to Stratford Upon Avon to attended GTi International. We loaded up the VW Lupo and VW mk1 Golf along with all our camping gear and headed off down the M6. As usual the traffic was horrendous but we where greeted by Club GTi and we set up camp with them.
ade tuning gti international lupo vwdrc

gti international ade tuning mk1 golf

With the cars off the trailers and the BBQ on, we had a catch up with the guys and gals from Club GTi. Over the other side of the camp site was the Comrades of VAG clubstand. Throughout the evening they held different events such as car limbo and sound off. The guys also had a live DJ and yes a few of us where spotted busting some moves 😉 Big well done the Comrades of VAG for all their effort not just on the Friday night but throughout the weekend, they definitely did themselves proud.

Friday night we had a massive thunderstorm, which isn’t quite as awesome when you are in a tent 🙁 but Mike Burrowes managed to capture the lightening in this amazing pic
ade tuning gti international mikeb photos

Race Time

Saturday morning came and the quarter mile sprint opened. VWDRC competitors Samir Lukac and Paul Jordan headed down to the start line to see what times they could get. Samir was in the Quattro Lupo and Paul in the 750bhp VW Scirocco.

ade tuning club gti gti international

The VW Scirocco was using the weekend as a tester since the awful crash at Santa Pod, where Paul hit the side wall at 140mph. Luckily Paul walk away with a few bruises but the front end of the car had to be rebuilt. Samir on the other hand achieved a new personal best on the Sunday.

ade tuning gti international sambo lupo

The show isn’t just about going down the strip, there are plenty of club stands to look at, along with show and shine, auto jumble and traders. We caught up with some customers, the guys from Club GTi who attended the rolling road day and spoke to plenty of like minded people and of course the crazy guys from VWDRC. Saturday night we were even treated to a UB40 tribute band.

A big well done to the organisers of GTi International for organising another brilliant show and we will see you next year.

Head over to our gallery and have a look at some of the photos we managed to take and also some of our favourites from MikeB photos.

GTi Spring Festival 2015 – The Pictures


A few pictures from GTi Spring Festival 2015 down at Santa Pod. We went down with Sam and his Quattro Lupo as he prepares for the VWDRC.


Over the years, from the very first GTi Festival events in the late 1980s. The shows have attracted hordes of Volkswagen enthusiasts to several different venues around the UK. The GTi Festival and GTi International were for a decade or more, just about the only specialist water cooled VW events of the year. Now there is a busy show calendar. The GTi Festival has moved its date to the end of that busy calendar. This established a Final Fling season finale, before the time comes to put cars away for the close season, or pull them apart for mods or winter rebuilds.

The GTi Festival – Season Finale is for enthusiasts of all VAG marques, SEAT, Skoda, Audi and of course Volkswagen. Now the Volkswagen Group includes Lamborghini, Bentley and Bugatti too, but the closest we will probably come to seeing any of those will be Bentley rims shoehorned under late Golf arches!