Alfa Romeo Giulietta lose the tuning box!

So what is a tuning box? They are designed for both petrol and diesel engines. They work by changing the signal between the ECU software and the fuel injection system. The alteration ‘tricks’ the ECU into increasing the quantity of fuel injected, enabling it to boost pressure, therefore resulting in more torque and power – well so they say!

The owner of this Alfa Romeo Giulietta Veloce had read on the Alfa Owners Club about this amazing tuning box that would give him him 30 bhp once fitted and to be fair he did think that the car was performing better. But he still wasn’t sure so he booked the car in for a rolling road session.

With the car strapped down we ran the car with the tuning box plugged in. So yes, it did make more power than standard but it didn’t deliver the extra 30bhp that was promised.

But then we thought could that be down to the car? Was the car making standard power? So we unplugged the tuning box and ran the car as standard. We waited in anticipation…

So the car is running fine as it is making standard power on the rolling road which can only mean that the box hasn’t delivered the power that was promised 🙁 After a quick chat about how the car would react to a custom remap the customer was filling out his remap disclaimer.

With the remap written on the rolling road we could monitor and adjust the power and torque to suit the customer. When we where finally happy with power the car was making the car was unstrapped from the rolling road. With the car off the rolling road the customer took it out for a test drive.

Now the car performs brilliantly making great power! The drive has greatly improved from the box. Plus as result of the remap car will see an improvement in mpg unlike the tuning box.