Winter’s Coming . . . time for a winter service.

Winter Service – be prepared!

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With summer now being officially over, it won’t be long until the cold weather and salty roads start having a dire effect on our cars. So now is the time to start thinking about getting your car ready and prepared for winter.

Here at ADE Tuning we understand the importance of preparing and maintaining your car over the colder months and that is why we have a winter service check program. Our winter service program consists of five major points:

  1. Coolant – The mixture is extremely in winter as it protects against freezing. This mixture needs to be made up of equal parts antifreeze and water and if you have had to top it up over the warmer months, it is extremely important that you get this checked out.
  2. Screen Wash – In the winter months you use your screen wash a lot more than you would think due to the increase of salt on the roads and motorways. We will replace your current screen wash mixture and ensure that you have the correct consistency. We will even have one of our mechanics show you where your washer bottle is and advise when best to top the screen wash up.
  3. Wipers and Washer Jets – We carefully check each wiper blade individually to ensure the rubber blade hasn’t cracked or perished. We also check that the rubber blades aren’t leaving any smears or streak marks on the windscreen. Any defected wiper blade will need replacing. We also check that the washer jets are functioning correctly and that they are also pointing in the most efficient direction.
  4. Tyres – If the tread on your tyres is getting low you may want to think about getting them replaced before winter arrives. A decent tyre depth is fundamental for good grip in wet conditions along with good tyre pressure. Cold temperatures can cause the tyre pressure to fall. Our mechanics will check both of these in the winter check program.
  5.  Lights and Battery – We will check all of your lights to ensure the bulbs are all functioning correctly. If your car has been struggling to start recently it could be due to the battery or alternator and a flat battery is the biggest cause of breakdowns in the winter months. We will check this for you.

I have put together a list of things you should pack if you have to make a car journey in the winter months especially if it is snowing. Most of the items listed are common sense items and some of which could stay in your car all year round:

  • Ice scraper and de-icer
  • Torch and spare batteries – or a wind-up torch
  • Warm clothes and blankets – for you and all passengers
  • Boots
  • First aid kit
  • Jump start cables
  • Food and a warm drink in a thermos
  • Shovel
  • Reflective warning sign
  • Road atlas
  • Sunglasses – the glare off the snow can be dazzling
  • Mobile phone charger


If the weather is particularly bad, you may also want to consider the following additional items:

  • Snow shoes
  • Chains


But the most important piece of advice I can give you is, if the weather is bad and your journey is not essential stay at home!



 Is it time that you got your car checked ready for the BIG FREEZE this winter?


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